Many disgruntled readers have contacted me via email, IM, facsimilie, phone and anonymous posion pen letters to ask ‘Hey Norman - whatever happened to the unified blogging day scheduled for Friday 18 April ?’

Apologies for the delay but before we get started, some random, meaningless statistics:

  • Feedburner: 66 subscribers.
  • Google Reader : ‘From your 189 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 6,807 items, starred 1 items, shared 325 items’.
  • Twitter: Following 19. Followers 55. Updates 1,292 in 87 days.
  • FriendFeed: Subscribed to 35. Subscribed to me: 30. Comments: 180 this week, 504 all time. Likes: 77 this week, 188 all time.
  • Disqus: Comments left: 59 in 21 days. Comments on my blog: 31 in 14 days. Precious clout points - 12.

Originally, on Unified Blogging Day, I was going to religiously transcribe every single ‘output’ over a 24 hour period into a separate blog entry (annotated with timestamp and channel).

This was primarily a final effort to alienate loyal (but shell-shocked) readers who had survived the WordPress to Habari migration.

However, thankfully, FriendFeed already aggregates that inane stream of consciousness beautifully formatted here.

A secondary aim of Unified Blogging Day was to conduct a detailed poll to see how people subscribe to each ‘output’ but Habari doesn’t have a ‘Poll’ plugin so just leave a comment below indicating which channel(s) you are a) aware of, b) subscribe to c) devour feverishly and d) blissfully unaware of.

  • Blog - a man barely alive but we have the technology to rebuild him.
  • Tumblr - stuff I’m too embarassed to put on the blog.
  • Technical blog - low traffic.
  • Twitter - endless stream of drivel (soon to be upgraded to include ‘Hello’, Goodnight’ and the state of my runny nose).
  • Disqus - every single comment I have left on the blogoshpere (on Disqus enabled blogs).
  • FriendFeed - unified feed of all of the above. Filters available to reduce the signal/noise ratio.

Anyone owning up to subscribing to duplicate channels will have stay behind after school for 1 hours detention (unless they have a note from Mummy).