Five months ago, I experimented with Disqus powered comments when this blog was running on WordPress. The trial was rather short-lived because I was disappointed that Disqus wasn’t able to fully integrate with all the existing blog comments. Importing comments still isn’t possible but Disqus says this feature is being worked on.

However, I have decided to reinstate Disqus for the following reasons:

  • Disqus recently added integration with FriendFeed so any contributions I make on Disqus powered blogs will also be visible in my FriendFeed stream.
  • I am encountering an ever increasing number of blogs using Disqus.
  • I am hoping Disqus will help to trigger more comments, interest and interaction on the blog.
  • Disqus provide a nice combination widget providing ‘Popular’, ‘Recent Comments’ and ‘People’.
  • The most recent release of Disqus included a raft of changes including support for Open ID.
  • Disqus is being actively developed and, more importantly, listen to their users.

I still have some reservations that the couple of articles with decent comment threads included replies to earlier comments (which are no longer visible) so we are literally starting from zero. However, hopefully some comments will appear soon and the tabs will actually display something !

Aside: Unfortunately, adopting Disqus means I will no longer be using Matt Read’s recently released Defensio plugin which is excellent and highly recommended for any Habari bloggers wading through a torrent of comment spam.