1. The Fall - Hazel Grove Youth Club (1979) - ‘We are The Fall. Rule One: no-one gets on stage. Rule Two: no spitting. Rule Three: no requests.’
  2. The Chameleons - Salford University (1984) - The Manchester gigs just seemed so much more manic.
  3. The Fall - Stockport College (1979) - Not so much a stage as a large step. Standing three feet away from a snarling Mark E. Smith and his carrier bag.
  4. The Chameleons - Gallery (1982) - Notable for a gigantic leap by skinhead from the gallery onto the dance floor. When we left, we found him lying semi-conscious on the pavement outside.
  5. The Fall - Manchester Poly (1980) - Compered by the late John Peel. Smith waded into the crowd to sort out a brave individual who doused him in lager.
  6. The Smiths - Brixton Academy (1986) - Little did we know it but turned out to be the final Smiths show. Morrissey walking on wielding ‘The Queen is dead’ placard. Pure theatre.
  7. The Smiths, The Fall and New Order - G-Mex (1986) - If The Chameleons had been present, my life would have been complete.
  8. The Fall - Walthamstow (1986) - ‘Bend Sinister’ tour with Brix and two drummers. So fantastic we went to Woolwich the next night.
  9. U2 - Warwick University Arts Centre (1981) - U2 blown away by an unknown support band; ‘Hi - We’re The Chameleons and we’re from Manchester.’
  10. The Chameleons - Shepherd’s Bush Empire (2001) - Reunion gig - After 14 long years, as if they had never been away.
  11. The Fall - Lyceum Ballroom (1984) - sad to say, I went on my own and taped this show with a cheap Saisho walkman from Dixons.