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  1. In my first year at University, I had a lecturer who was male. When I returned for my second year, he was a woman.
  2. My first brush with the police was at 14 when I crossed Chester Road against police orders and a copper said ‘Think that’s funny, eh ? Would you still think it’s funny if I took you into that van and kicked your head in ?’
  3. I have seen United win (1977), draw (1983) and lose (1995) in an FA Cup Final.
  4. The Hillsborough disaster saddened me but when The Independent posted photographs of people crushed against metal fences, gasping for breath, dying, I broke down and cried like a baby.
  5. Most of the people I care about now live in Australia. Slowly but surely, I am getting the message.
  6. I am the only person in my family not to have broken a limb.
  7. I have stood on the top of Ayers Rock.
  8. I joined a gym on 1 December 2007. Since then I have lost 1 stone but I’m sure it will turn up somewhere.