I always was led to believe that Bobby Charlton and George Best didn’t get on. I read it in books and interviews and heard it from various different sources. Of course, this fact wasn’t a total surprise as the two gentlemen did appear to be completely different personalities with rather contrasting interests and, err, hobbies.

A month ago, I saw Charlton interviewed by Michael Parkinson where he recounted his memories of the Munich air crash. Charlton also talked about the frustration of playing alongside Best:

‘So I made a run forward ‘Pass it George, pass it.’ George dribbles down the wing and cuts back inside. I move into space. ‘Here George - pass it here. Now’. George continues on a mazy run past another three defenders. I move into the box ‘George - come on. For God’s sake, pass it now - oh what a great goal, George.’

Then Bobby Charlton recalled visiting Best with Dennis Law during his final days in a London hospital. Best was drugged and drifting in and out of consciousness and didn’t recognise his two friends. Bobby Charlton had tears in his eyes and his voice was quivering. It really was an incredibly moving and emotional moment.

So, if anyone tells you Bobby Charlton hated George Best, just ask them to watch that interview.