Occasionally, people take the time to comment on this blog which is always welcome.

However, the vast majority of comments however are not so thinly veiled advertisements by spammers. Unfortunately, due to recent problems with Spam Karma, I have had to revert to Akismet to block this torrent of pharmaceutical, financial, pornographic and vacuum cleaner spam.

This means I have a few more comments held in moderation for judgement. The family convene every night with a cup of Horlicks to sit in judgement on the assorted comments. Norma kindy takes the minutes and Norman Junior twitters the whole event (live).

The ‘Comment Approval Board’ recently approved a comment from a heavy metal fan. We took care to follow Akismet’s advice and checked the link which purported that ‘Heavy Metal is our life’.

Approving this was not an easy choice but hey, this is a broad church and everyone is welcome.

When I subsequently happened to scan the SezWho profile of the author (a man with the unusual name of ‘HeavyGod’), I found to my horror, that he (or a program) had left the identical comment on multiple blogs.

‘Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you! Good luck and successes in blogging!’

The clues were all there. Commenting on a recent post sandwiched between other valid comments, a gmail address, the double use of ‘really’, the smiley, the compliment that I naively fell for. Hook, line and sinker.

I had been tricked. By a heavy metal fan. Oh the eternal shame.