Norman - Your next post will be in the style of Micro-Blogging…

Monday - NSCR. Plaintive request from a customer to truncate a Siebel intersection table. Siebel’s official stance on the use of any direct SQL to modify data in Siebel base tables is well documented. However, for reasons that are too lengthy and tedious to divulge here, this particular request was approved. Mainly because they deposited £2500 into my offshore account.

Tuesday - Team Meeting at BVP. Interesting to hear what my counterparts on eBusiness Suite do. Ate here. Not as dire as the reviews suggested. Few beers in the interests of team morale.

Wednesday - Try (and fail) to avoid being dispatched abroad on my birthday. Cristiano Ronaldo keeps going till the very last minute and gets his reward. A lesson to us all.

Thursday - Early start. Sleep downstairs on the sofa bed. Wake up 3 hours early. Fly to Amsterdam. Mundane Production Health Check for Siebel 7.7 on SQL Server. Set up various monitoring tools (perfmon, OM logging and Profiler) to identify low hanging fruit. There wasn’t any. Staying close to Schipol (good), far away from the city (bad).

Back to hotel. Tired. Process email while thinking about lyrics to ‘Sappy’ and listening to ‘Low’ on a tight loop.