The problem with installing typo is that, during the research for hints and tips to get the software installed, configured and running on a shared server environment at Bluehost, you Google across like-minded obsessives individuals who have also successfully installed typo in 30 seconds flat.

These people are technical types who sneer at PHP and lie awake at night, worrying about Ruby’s scalability. These geeks tend to be obsessive characters who have now tired of typo and have subsequently migrated to a brand new exciting platform called django.

Django is a Python Web framework - not a blogging platform or a CMS - but you could use django to create your own perfect blogging platform.

Django has a endearing, minimalist administration screen and although the finished product looks like a 1980’s HTML page or the stripped down WordPress sandbox theme, it’s pretty impressive for 10 minutes and 100 lines of Python and HTML.

I was going to write a superb article, with lots of screenshots and poorly formatted code blocks, detailing all the obstacles I overcame before finally claiming success. However, as always, the very clever aforementioned people have already been there and done that.

So, if you are interested in installing django on bluehost, consult this thread. One quick note: my preferred method of installing into a sub-directory failed (403 permission denied) so I used a sub-domain which worked fine.

For a more generic django tutorial about how to create a project, add models and templates, read (and bookmark) this excellent article. This gentleman has a rare combination of technical skills and a brilliant, light hearted, humorous writing style. His site also serves as a brilliant example of the potential appearance and functionality of a django powered blog.

In fact, if I could summon up the time and energy to master HTML, CSS and Python, I would create my very own unique, stylish and distinctive blog but I don’t so I won’t.

I was about to say there was no Wordpress to Django import utility until I just discovered this.

Am I the first blogger to have more blogs than published articles ?