Arrived in Rotterdam and checked into the Grand Hotel which isn’t quite as grand as the inviting and expensive (but fully booked) Hilton across the road.

The kind lady on reception welcomes me to Rotterdam, quickly locates my booking, gives me an electronic key and directs me to room 401.

I take the lift to the fourth floor. There is no room 401 - just 403-417. I know because I walked all around the fourth floor with my bags. Twice.

Convinced I am an idiot, I ask two decorators where room 401 is hidden. One of them puts down his roller and accompanies me around the fourth floor with me before concluding there is indeed no room 401.

Thinking I must have misheard the receptionist, we try to force entry to rooms 407 and 411. The startled honeymooning couple in 407 thought it was a drugs raid and were very cross. The decorator helpfully offers to paint their bathroom as compensation and I claim to be part of the International Tulip Delegation who got separated from his party.

I deposit my bags with my new found friends, the decorators (must include that piece of good news in my review) and return to reception. Either the lady was mistaken or the stupid Englishman misheard and so it transpires. The correct room number was in fact 406 all along. Silly me.

I return to the fourth floor and look for room 406. I walk the familiar circuit of the fourth floor wondering where I will finally end up. Only I don’t have to wonder. Deep in my heart, I already know.

Sure enough, I find room 406. Unusually for a hotel, the door is already open and curiously, the bed is positioned in the middle of the room. There are two familiar bags (a stylish black Samonsite hold-all and a battered laptop case) sitting on the floor. And, inevitably, there are two decorators feverishly applying white paint to the walls.

They look perplexed, I admire their work and we all laugh. We return to reception. Thankfully, there are a couple of spare rooms so I get re-allocated to room 116 and have the option to take room 406 tomorrow (if the paint fumes have fully dissipated).