After recent horrific events, I was forced to flee the country so I took my family (and a couple of young hangers-on) for a relaxing break at CenterParcs near Eindhoven.

For those readers with (young) families, CenterParcs in Holland is very similar to the setup in the UK except that the prices are lower and staff are actually friendly and helpful.

For those readers without families, CenterParcs is probably not for you.

Anyway, I have returned refreshed, invigorated and raring to go. I am currently wading through my backlog of email. Then I will quickly review the week’s football news and my Fantasy League team selections, watch ‘Saxondale’ and then normal blogging service will be resumed as I ease myself gently back into work and scale my ivory tower.

Oh, hang on a minute, the scheduling goddess has helpfully seen fit to send me straight back to Holland (Rotterdam, to be precise) to spend the remainder of my Euros so I need to quickly iron a shirt, pack my last two pairs of clean undergarments, order a taxi and get to Heathrow Terminal 4 immediately.