Phew - what a relief. I often spend a night in the pub or a whole weekend at a beer festival and am completely flummoxed by such trick questions on my return such as ‘Well - what did you actually talk about ?’ or worse, ‘How are Janet, Jonathan, Jennifer and Jocasta ?’

A peculiar challenge for modern day parents: How do you ask your teenage son to tidy his room ? Seems straightforward but not so easy when he gave you the silent treatment for 10 whole years just because you gave consent for his tonsils to be removed. Let’s just hope his schoolmates don’t take the mickey out of his surname.

And finally, Cyril. And finally, Esther. Some ex-international football stars become highly paid pundits or run country pubs. The Welsh wing wizard, Leighton James, chose to put something back into the community by embarking on a career as a popular and award winning lollypop man. Pity he spoils it by drink-driving.