The Siebel 7.8 data model supports different industry applications (finance and banking, pharmaceutical, sales, telecommunications, energy, media, motor, public sector, retail) and contains 3,920 tables and even more indexes.

The results are just in from a Friday afternoon poll to find the most popular Siebel table:

  • S_ACCELERATOR - invaluable in performance tuning. ‘Oh well - there’s nothing for it. Now we are simply going to have to load S_ACCELERATOR’.
  • S_CLUSTER_TNT - images of cluster bombs and high explosives but supposedly related to ‘Hospitality’.
  • S_AUDIT_ITEM - typically will contain 155 million records of historic audit data dating back to 2003. No-one knows why this data is being collected let alone using it.
  • S_DOCK_INITM_43 - Crazy name, crazy table. Docking table for Remote.
  • S_CL_PTCL_LSXM - A real tongue twister related to clinical protocols.

And finally…

  • S_DISEASE - the clear winner.