I usually hate posts that start

‘Apologies in advance but I am going to be offline for 10 days because…’

  • I am going to a Web 2.0 conference in Dallas
  • I smashed my hand into a glass window
  • I am going on vacation
  • I am really busy at work
  • Personal stuff
  • I am getting married
  • I am going to an Oracle conference in Scotland
  • The RSI is killing me
  • My boss/wife/dog discovered this blog
  • I am having a blogging crisis of confidence
  • Family matters

Mainly because the author inevitably pops up the very next day without any further explanation.

Apologies in advance but I am going to be offline for 10 days because the postman delivered a package today. Well, more like a suspect device, actually.

A couple of months ago, I foolishly purchased a digital camcorder and now face the unenviable task of transferring the footage to DVD. I have procrastinated for long enough. My long list of excuses is exhausted. ‘No - we can’t simply to transfer to VHS tape because we now own a digital camcorder. What on earth would the neighbours think ?’

I thought I had stumbled upon the perfect excuse. Not one of our modern computers is equipped with a Firewire port to connect the Sony camcorder to the PC. But no. Even that was rejected so I was forced to research all the options and finally purchase a Firewire PCI card and cable.

This means I am going to have to open the lid on my computer. However, I can approach this particular task with a great deal of confidence. Last week, I surmounted this hurdle to check that my aged computer has an available PCI slot. It only took me 25 minutes.

So, after I have finished work tonight, if I am not too tired, as long as no-one invites me to the pub and if there is nothing on the telly, I won’t be donning a anti-static wrist strap but touching wood (and the metal PC case). However, it is likely that I’ll still manage to blow the power supply.