Apologies for the delayed transmission but the events of last Saturday left me traumatised and deeply shocked.

You might find it hard to believe that a once great club has been relegated to Division 2.

You might even shed a tear for the diminutive, chirpy, cheeky Cockney who manages this football club.

You might hope and pray that this sleeping giant makes a rapid return to the heady heights of, err, the Championship.

You might remember the halcyon days of the 70’s when they were undoubtedly the top club in the country.

You might feel sorry for the Chairman (aka Grandad Smurf) who ploughed thousands of pounds out of his own money into the club in a futile attempt to stem the tide.

You might empathise with their massive, dedicated, loyal, law abiding, long suffering ‘supporters’ and think ‘Oh dear what a shame’.

You might remember the heady days just six years ago when they ’lived the dream’ and actually reached a European Cup Semi Final.

You might wonder how this has happened just 12 months after the club were 90 minutes away from a return to the Premiership but narrowly lost out to the mighty, err, Watford.

You might but I don’t. Good riddance to Leeds United.