Until 30 minutes ago, this blog was running Wordpress 2.1 courtesy of the Fantastico installation at Bluehost. The blog was fairly stable and worked fine.

However, I was investigating upgrading to WordPress 2.1.2 to plug a security issue. The Fantastico Installer currently only offers an upgrade to the flawed 2.1.1 release.

In any case, the Fantastico installer now refuses to upgrade my WordPress installation because I have installed new themes, configured additional plug-ins and even added database tables to the schema.

So without any prior planning or forethought, I have been forced (by that nagging voice in my head) to spontaneously install a brand new instance of WordPress 2.1.2 and migrate my existing blog.

Consequently, this blog will be completely broken for the foreseeable future. All comments will be lost. RSS feeds will stop refreshing. Most plug-ins will stop working. Any hosted images will return ‘404 - Not Found’. In fact, with my level of knowledge and incompetence, it is likely that the complete blog will be lost forever.

Worse, my proudest invention, the rotating tagline, doesn’t work. This is completely unintentional but at least, it means my tiny brain can easily differentiate between the ‘old’ and ’new’ blogs.

At last, I am now freed from the constraints of Fantastico and as The Clash memorably sang, I now assume ‘Complete Control’.