Darren Prowse kicked off an interesting discussion asking what makes you unsubscribe from a feed.

This prompted me to revisit my list of my inactive blogs in Google Reader. Normally, I tend to leave most blogs intact because I don’t religously unsubscribe purely because an author hasn’t posted in a while. However, I find it useful to occasionally check the status of sleeping blogs to see whether the feed has actually died or migrated elsewhere and prune my subscription list accordngly.

The blog on my reading list, showing the longest period of inactivity is Andrew Campbell’s Oracle Stuff I Should Have Known. The last post to this blog was made way back on 24 September 2006.

Now, this is an interesting, technical Oracle blog so I will remain subscribed because the next post could be a gem and might even be imminent. In any case, the beauty of RSS means I will be notified whenever the blog is updated so I don’t have to waste any time checking the site for updates.

However, what interested me more was the StatCounter statistics for Andy’s blog. Despite not being updated in five whole months, the blog still attracts in excess of 3,000 unique visitors per month.

So that’s the secret then. I’m hibernating. See you all in July.