This sign in my hotel room intrigued me. Every time I entered the bathroom, I gazed at the sign. I found myself entering the bathroom to study the sign when I didn’t actually need to use the bathroom.

Was the pipe hot or not ? Unfortunately, this towel rail wasn’t listed anywhere on this site. Could the temperature really be as high as 140’ F ? How hot is 140’ F ?

Finally, just before I checked out, I gave in to temptation, removed the towels and grabbed the silver rail with my right hand.

The appliance was indeed hot, very hot, dangerously hot. Scaldingly hot, in fact.

I stretched my left arm to reach outside the bathroom door around to my laptop on the desk. I then somehow managed to type with my left hand and agonisingly Googled to find out how exactly long I could endure this torture before incurring a third degree burn.

The answer - 6 seconds. Unfortunately, thanks to my restricted movement and the agonising pain, it took me a full 45 seconds to discover this vital fact.

Finally, I could bear it no longer so I released my right hand and sunk it under the blissful sanctuary of the cold water tap at full blast.

I slowly gathered my bags, proceeded to check out (left handed) and told the receptionist that my lawyers would be in touch.