Over the past couple of days, much to my surprise, I have actually managed to answer some questions.

  1. The parameter ‘ExtractStartDate’ was set to ‘11/01/2007’. This means that Siebel will ignore all appointments and tasks prior to this date. The default value of ‘ExtractStartDateFormat’ is ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ which equates to ‘01 November 2007’.
  2. Install Cygwin, sed -n -e ‘x,yp’ < bigfile.log
  3. If the Exchange Connector and SSSE Engine component are run by accounts in different domains, trust must be established in order for RPC calls to work correctly. Alternatively, use two separate accounts (least privilege) in the same domain.
  4. In the heart of London, surprisingly.
  5. Install OHS from the OAS Companion CD
  6. F11

And now for the questions…

  1. Why, oh why, does Siebel stubbornly refuse to synchronise any of my appointments and ToDo’s to Outlook ?
  2. How do you print lines x to y of a file too large for notepad ?
  3. Why, oh why, don’t multiple SSSE engines on different servers work ?
  4. Where is London City Airport exactly ?
  5. Where do you get the version of OHS (with Apache 2.x) needed for Siebel 8.0 ?
  6. How do you switch from full screen mode back to console in VMware ?

I am probably most proud of number 6. If only all my answers were as succinct and technically correct.