Dear Reader

My cruel owner got very excited last night when he went to play with his rotating tagline. Instead of his precious blog, much to his surprise, he was presented with this. His reaction to this mundane error was startling.

At last ! Look, blog, look at this. 18 months and I’ve finally done it. At last ! We’ve been dugg ! Why did it take them so long to catch on ? Look blog, look. Finally, we’ve been Slashdotted ! The poor old servers at Bluehost don’t know what’s hit them. Thousands of hits per second. Apache is on its knees begging for mercy and more swap space. Why, I bet Matt Eaton will be on the phone any second now. We’ve done it. Technorati Top 100. Blog, look, just look at that screen !

18 months, 3 different hosting providers, 500 articles, 4 readers, 6 comments and 2 self-inflicted disasters. And now, finally, it is all worthwhile. My life is complete. And you know what - I think it is very interesting how all this happened shortly after my brilliant idea to introduce the rotating tagline.

Of course, you know what this means, blog. We’re going to have to move house (again). Prestigious, high traffic sites on the TailRank front page can’t live on cheap, 5 dollar a month hosting.

We are going to have to move to MediaTemple with a powerful grid infrastructure. Of course, the hosting will be absolutely free because MediaTemple will be fighting off Google and Microsoft for the privilege of hosting us !

Now I need to go and powder my nose. I’m doing a podcast on the Scoble Show in 10 minutes.

My cruel owner was so excited and happy, I couldn’t bear to tell him this was just a temporary glitch on the Bluehost monitoring agent and everything was back to nomal now. Yours

The interminable bytestream that is ‘Blog in isolation’