Thankfully, Scoble has finally found the ‘Disable Snap’ button on his WP dashboard. Only another 641,000 WordPress blogs to go.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, just explore Jonathan Lewis' excellent Wordpress blog and see how long you last before exploding. [Hint: hover over a hyperlink]

If you can’t be bothered, look here although a screenshot can’t do justice to the mind numbing effect and irritation factor.

Tom Raftery also notes the presence of the dreaded Snap preview and asks for opinions. In fact, this post started out as a comment on Tom’s blog but I think this now merits a full-blown rant.

Hi Tom I dislike those Snap previews immensely.

In fact, I absolutely hate, despise and loathe them with a vengeance. added Snap functionality for all users (default=TRUE). To be fair, following lots of user feedback (surprisingly not all of it positive), WordPress made Snap a configurable option so users could disable the damned distracting Adware popups.

Judging by the number of WP blogs still displaying them, it appears the default is still enabled.

I think WordPress and Snap are great friends in the Web 2.0 sense but no disclosure about money changing hands was ever made.

I would pay WordPress good money to disable Snap. Permanently. Maybe a new business model presents itself.