After my recent brush with disaster, I realised that my, err, backup strategy relied on me remembering to perform a manual, occasional Wordpress export or a database backup.

This was acceptable while I was messing around with this blogging lark but now I realise that it would be a little disappointing to lose the entire contents of my blog.

While Bluehost run backups (which have saved my skin once), it would be foolish to completely rely on my hosting provider and the height of stupidity to rely on me !

As I said to a lovely hotel receptionist in Brussels recently, struggling to find the reservation made on my behalf for Monday night, ‘We have a saying in England - if you want something doing, then do it yourself.’ She nodded sagely as she eventually unearthed my booking for Tuesday night by which time I would have left the country.

Unlike Mark Rittman, I can’t really count on the goodwill of both my readers to manually type in more than 500 articles, so I looked around for a fully automated backup that would backup all of my MySQL databases (not just WordPress) using cron.

AutoMySQLBackup does exactly what it says on the tin and works like a dream.

I even tested it on a local installation because we all know backups are worthless unless you prove that you can actually restore them.