Over Christmas, I was drying dishes, desperately trying to avoid conversation or being dragged into a impromptu board game. From upstairs, I heard a strange sound; the (discordant) opening chords to ‘Smoke On The Water’ by Deep Purple. Repeatedly.

Nothing too surprising there as my 12 year old nephew had been given an electric guitar for Christmas.

I asked him who had taught him the three chords and he answered ‘Norman Junior’. It transpired my son has been learning to play guitar with a mate and they are progressing through ‘Monsters of Rock’ classics.

Sensing a chance for some Father-Son bonding, a chance to obtain a guitar and share a common interest, I asked Norman Junior III: ‘Would you like a guitar for your birthday ?’

‘No thanks, Dad. I like messing around but I simply haven’t got the motivation.’

I interpreted this as ‘Mum will force me to have lessons and I’d rather play football.’

Another chance to play ‘She’s Lost Control’ on YouTube evaporates.