I also enjoyed last night’s ‘Did they pay off their mortgage in two years ?’ about a likable creative artist from Cornwall who makes interesting, arty (and high margin) stoves from VW car parts aimed at rich people in South Kensington.

The last minute of the show was a real emotional roller coaster.

Firstly, I was delighted to hear the couple’s hard work had showed an unbelievable return of £104,000 profit but then shattered to hear they had fallen a paltry £1,500 of being able to pay off their mortgage in full.

My hopes rose again as ‘international businessman and motivational speaker, Rene Carayol’ spontaneously (and very conveniently) purchased a stove and handed them the £1,500 in cash.

Then I started to laugh uncontrollably as I struggled to assimilate Rene’s closing words

‘Congratulations. You have done it. You have paid your mortgage off. Now there’s just one more small thing to do. Review the books and see how much you owe the tax man.’

So, although they paid their mortgage off, the couple are now saddled with a sizable personal loan to clear their debts to the Inland Revenue.