How the big clubs approach the problem…

Manchester United - Alex Ferguson chooses to invite Jose Mourinho to the boardroom to share a bottle of expensive Portugese wine. Pointedly applaud United fans who chant ‘Your coat’s from Matalan’ on the way to the tunnel. Then shut up and assemble a team that actually looks capable of challenging Chelsea.

Liverpool - Appeal to the House of Lords, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the European Court of Human Rights after Mourinho has the audacity and bare faced cheek to put his finger to his mouth after a Chelsea goal in the Carling Cup Final. Hold a annual 5 minute silence at Anfield for all those fans suffering post traumatic stress disorder as a consequence.

Arsenal - Arsene Wenger is so busy abusing match officials and getting embroiled in fisticuffs with small-time managers of small-time clubs, he forgets all about the mind games. Go to the back of the class.

Everton - Take legal advice after Mourinho accuses your centre forward of falling over a little too easily. Go running to your mummy in tears when this fails and everyone laughs at you.