Google recently announced some enhancements to the Notebook and I must admit that, while the concept left me cold initially, I am now starting to make more use of this software.

While I use Blinklist for shared (more permanent) bookmarks, I tend to use Google Notebook for snippets, jottings, interesting links and, err, notes that I may need to access from both home and work (in fact potentially from any computer).

For example, yesterday I had a query about my online tax return and was forced to call the pension administrator followed by the Inland Revenue and jotted down answers to my questions.

Previously, I might have emailed myself the notes from work to home so I then could write a followup letter. This would mean the information was accessible from work (Sent) and home (Inbox) but having it available on a Google server is preferable and less typing.

I used to keep draft blog postings in WordPress but didn’t like the drafts cluttering up the dashboard so now these random thoughts also get stored in Google Notebook.

Obviously, all of my notebooks are private but there is some interesting information out there lurking in shared notebooks that isn’t accessible from conventional sources.