I was enjoying a stroll along The Embankment yesterday morning, dressed in my Pearly King outfit, listening to Chas’n’Dave tunes on my iPod, munching on cockles and mussels, when I noticed banners hanging from each lamppost proudly proclaiming ‘We are Londoners’.

The letter ‘D’ was shrunk to accommodate the rest of the letters. Just like a kid writing a Thank You letter to Auntie Joan and suddenly realising he’s going to run out of space.

Inevitably, this brilliant campaign is the brainchild of Ken Livingstone and sponsored by British Gas so if you pay the congestion charge or are struggling to meet the recent increases in your gas bill, rest assured your money is being spent very wisely.

Or, as Doug once memorably commented: ‘And your point is ?’

All together now - ‘Knees up Maather Braawn’.