The first blog I ever saw was this one (this entry to be precise) and to be honest, I just couldn’t see the point whatsoever.

Then I stumbled across Tom Kyte’s blog which was relevant, interesting and sparked my interest in reading other technical (Oracle related) blogs.

Just over a year ago, I started a blog (on Little did I know it but was launched the day before.

The creation of the blog was simply a quick experiment to play around with the blogging software. Secondly I was interested to see how long it would take to get a comment on the blog from a standing start. Then I fully expected to lose interest completely.

The first comment ‘Great blog!’ from a German reader duly arrived after 6 weeks. Looking back, this was probably comment spam so I was lucky enough to count this as one of the first proper comments.

Initially, I thought I would produce more technical content but, to be honest, the blog is done for fun in my spare time and I think there are a wealth of more interesting, amusing subjects to write about than Oracle and Siebel. In any case, a lot of very intelligent, articulate people are already producing a raft of excellent technical blogs.

So, a year on, and much to my surprise, the blog is still going strong. I discovered that I actually enjoy writing. Maybe this is because I have to produce fairly dry technical reports as part of my job.

Over the year, there were bursts of activity (11 consecutive days in January) mainly from lonely European hotel rooms while on another occasion, inspiration dried up and my finger was poised over ‘Delete this blog’.

I have made some new contacts and met up with some old friends which was also quite unexpected and welcome. Anyway, one thing’s for sure; if there was no-one out there reading and occasionally commenting, I would lose all interest in blogging in isolation so thanks for reading.

And finally, please forgive my self indulgence for a moment, but here is a list of my favourite Top 10 posts from the last year:

  1. A narrow escape.

Yes. That’s it. After one year, the only memorable post is one written years before I even started this blog. I simply must try harder this year.