No-one ever asks me: ‘Hey Norman, why don’t you have a blogroll with 457 interesting, thought provoking sites for me to look at ?’.

Firstly, while I find the reading lists of others interesting and a useful means of discovering new sources, I don’t particularly want an lengthy blogroll adding yet more clutter to my (sort of) minimalist blog.

Secondly, my RSS reading lists are stored on a Netvibes server. I have separate tabs for ‘Oracle’, ‘WordPress’, ‘Sport’, ‘News’, ‘Blogs’, ‘Tech’, ‘Software’ and a small one called ‘UK’. I would love to be able to publish these tabs and share the contents with everyone.

Ideally, I would like to publish all my Netvibes tabs somewhere which would always reflect my subscriptions. This would ensure that the lists are always up to date and reflect my current reading list so transient blogs (like World Cup 2006) and dead blogs would be removed.

Netvibes has a ecosystem for sharing resources but I am not quite sure whether this does precisely what I want. If I wasn’t so lazy, I might investigate further.

One thing I like about Bloglines is the tight and seamless integration of the ‘My Feeds’ reading list with the Bloglines blog. The blogroll on the Bloglines blog is always synchronised with the Bloglines reading list. Automatically. No need to think about it. No need to export your OPML and upload it (again). Bloglines manages this for you. OK - it was the only thing I liked about my Bloglines blog but still.

This is exactly how it should be and what Share Your OPML is sadly lacking. Share Your OPML has some promising features for popular and common feeds, feed discovery, recommendations and match making. However, while I can share my feeds on Share Your OPML, this is merely a static, outdated list.

The onus is on me to remember to do something i.e. export my reading list from my current RSS reader and upload a modified OPML file at recurring, regular intervals.

This is a lot of tedious work for me to do. Computers are much better at this sort of stuff than humans. We are in 2006 and using Web 2.0 after all. Finally, please remember that I am very, very lazy.

So, that’s why I don’t have a blogroll.