The ‘Metro’ is a free, lightweight, disposable newspaper, aimed at commuters, which is solely funded by advertising revenues. So lightweight, you can finish it by the time you reach Waterloo but at least it saves you the embarrassment of staring at your neighbour for 27 minutes.

Last month, The Metro reported the exciting news that a quarter of all UK internet users maintain a blog. Hurrah !

However, the veracity of this claim is immediately subverted by the statement that ‘59% of bloggers choose to make it public.’ So, this implies that 41% of UK bloggers are blogging in private, by invitation only, to friends and family or in complete isolation. I know the British are reserved but that is simply ridiculous.

The article then goes on to claim ‘growing numbers of writers see [blogs] … as a way to get their voice heard.’ A little difficult to get your voice heard if your blog is not even published on the internet.

I don’t think this superb journalism coupled with the deep, considered incisive analysis is going to challenge Dave Sifry’s ' State of the Blogosphere’.

PS. Memo to self: Idea for Dragon’s Den - a decent portal for UK bloggers.