After two months and two days, the music has stopped, the theme rotation carousel has travelled full circle and finally come to a halt. offers a total of 40 themes (37 when I started) and I have experimented and laboriously captured screenshots of every single one.

I have tried out all the WP themes as they became available but it was interesting to live with each theme for a day or so.

My personal favourites were:


  • I don’t normally like three column themes but this was an notable exception. Light
  • simple, effective theme. If only it was a little wider.

Regulus - still probably my favourite (just) which rather negates the point of the whole pointless exercise. The header image clinches it. You never forget your first love.


  • great looking theme with focus on the text but I feel Lorelle has made this theme her own.


  • a building block for DIY enthusiasts.

White As Milk

  • clean, minimalist look but narrow text.

And my hall of shame:

Banana Smoothie

  • not for everyone but undeniably very distinctive. Flower Power
  • not sure why this theme only uses half the screen.

Sweet Blossoms

  • too much colour, not enough screen.

I guess my perfect theme would be a two column, minimalist theme with an emphasis on the article text. In fact, Scott’s Wallick’s plaintxt theme is pretty close to perfection.

I guess I always could shell out 15 USD and build it myself on WordPress using the recently launched custom CSS.

Alternatively, I could just pay up and get my own hosted WordPress blog with complete control over everything.

So, review the Flickr set and cast your vote now.

RSS readers - don’t sneer from the sidelines but tell us all what RSS reader you use and why.