The scheduling goddess has granted me a second successive week in Birmingham; West Bromwich to be precise. I was shocked to discover that, following my unfavourable review last December, the Days Inn Hotel has subsequently been taken over by the budget chain, Premier Travel Inn.

My greeting at reception wasn’t too promising: ‘Ah - Good evening Mr. Brightside. A double smoking room, I believe’. ‘Err no. I booked a single, non-smoking room if you have one please.’

I entered my room which was very hot, in fact, it was ‘smoking’. The ‘Info’ button on the thermostat revealed the temperature was a stifling 29.5’C.

I went to open the windows but they were sealed. I went to turn down the thermostat - to a more reasonable 18’C. Ah - that’s better. Just unpack and wait for the room to cool down.

Then, unusually for me, I read the small print in the fine manual.

‘Set room temperature with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons. This controls the heater operation but cannot cool the room.’

I think it’s time to see what price, and temperature, the Boddingtons is served at.