Occasionally, I have had the odd dig at the parochial, inward looking nature of the US TV and printed media.

However, last week, the UK media commemorated the first anniversary of the July bombings in London with endless pages of words and pictures together with and hours of footage, analysis, interviews, documentaries and coverage of yet another two minute silence.

Since August 1997, a nation that was once renown for a ‘stiff upper lip’ and dignity has somehow been transformed into 60 million professional grievers and bereavement counsellors.

This week, four times as many people lose their lives in Mumbai in a set of horrendous train bombings by terrorists. Curiously enough, this story is buried on page 13 after important updates on corrupt politicians, corrupt businessman and corrupt footballers.

I presume all the people affected by this tragedy in India also have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, so put down your paper, turn the radio off and spare a thought for them. May all the victims rest in peace.