This morning, I was waiting at reception in a client’s offices and was filling in time by casually reading the various notices.

One, with a red ‘No Entry’ sign, caught my eye:

‘STOP ! If you are in possession of any camera equipment, please call Group Security on Ext 4141’

‘Group Security. Alan speaking. How may I help you ?’

Good morning, Alan. Norman Brightside here. I just wanted to let you know that I have a camera.’

‘OK (pause). Well, Norman, I don’t seem to have a completed C43 dispensation form from you.’

‘I know. I haven’t filled in a C43 dispensation form.’

‘Email it over and that will be fine’

‘I can’t email it over’

‘Why not ?’

‘I don’t actually work at these offices’

‘Oh I see. What office are you from ?’

‘I don’t actually work for ABC Corporation. I am just visiting today.’

‘Oh I see. Well why are you bringing a camera onsite ?’

‘Well it’s not a camera exactly but my mobile phone can take pictures.’

‘Oh I see. Well as you are not a permanent employee and as it isn’t a real camera, that doesn’t matter so much so just sign in and that will be fine.’

Strange. I would have thought visitors with concealed camera equipment would have represented the biggest risk to corporate security.