Golly. It is very hot today. Thankfully, the UK Government has told me the solution:

Stay out of the sun. Keep your home as cool as possible. Shutting windows during the day may help. Open them when it is cooler at night. Keep drinking fluids.

Now I would never have dreamt of thought of doing any of those things. Superb advice. May I suggest a couple of additional top tips.

Avoid alcohol. An ice-cold beer may seem very tempting but does tend to dehydrate the body. Particularly if you have 7 pints of ice-cold beer.

Avoid tea. The popular myth that ‘Tea is so refreshing on a hot day’ is just that - a myth. Tea contains caffeine and also tends to dehydrate the body.

Remove extraneous clothing (within reason).

If the sight of your partner stark naked (see above) gets you all hot and bothered, take a cold shower immediately. This will be far more beneficial than becoming all amorous which will only result in both parties getting even more hot and sweaty.