When you are trying to print something in a hurry, there is nothing worse than discovering that your work of art has just been queued behind a monster 764 page document.

As you are stood by the printer wondering whether to hang around, return to your desk or to submit the job to that printer on the fifth floor, the printer LED displays ‘Attention: Out of Paper’. Naturally, there is no paper in the print room so you go to the stationery cupboard for more ammunition and load Trays 1, 2 and 5.

Excitement slowly builds as printing resumes and the job slowly advances to page 369. Your heart sinks as the confounded LED lights up again. Panic and manic depression set in as you see the words ‘Attention: Paper Jam - Area 6C’. You press a few buttons and follow the online diagnostics which gently lead you step by step (with pictures) to the precise location.

You have to open various doors, lift various flaps and push various plastic, purple coloured levers to perform open heart surgery on the innards of the LaserJet. Unfortunately, you misinterpret Figure 3B and scald your hand on that metal bar that gets as hot as a blast furnace.

Finally, you manage to identify the cause of the paper jam in Area 6C and extract the offending sheet carefully. You gleefully fold it up and consign it to the blue recycling bin and hope page 412 wasn’t that important. You are ecstatic.

The 764 page document finally completes followed by a slight delay while the printer pauses for breath. Finally your single page is ejected. Rather inconveniently, the printer decides to switch to A3 paper just in case the intended reader is short sighted but still.

You are about to triumphantly depart and soak your hand in freezing water. The owner of ‘War & Peace’ rather conveniently arrives at the printer to collect his tome and says ‘Oh is that my document ? I hope it didn’t hold you up. Thanks a lot.’