…and it really hurt.

I continue to be intrigued by this article (I have now read it 67 times and still can’t make any sense of it whatsoever). I simply love the title so I thought I would blatantly plagiarise it. I also adore the Anonymous comments of ‘Not bad’ and ‘Nice job’. Damned with faint praise.

Anyway, my shiny new blog in question is over here. Before you gleefully note that I have finally seen the light and have reverted to Blogger, this is simply an experiment to look at the Google Analytics dashboard and various detailed traffic reports. [GA requires Javascript which precludes its use on WordPress.com]. Inevitably, after a separation of six months, Blogger was sulking and unavailable last night.

Q: What is the significance of the name ‘Factory51’ ? Answers on a postcard to /dev/null.