In April 2002, I got off my barstool and actually went to see a Manchester United game. The fixture was at Upton Park and I was in the Bobby Moore stand as I was the guest of a West Ham member.

United won an very entertaining game 5-3 and Beckham scored a fantastic goal (lob from outside the box). All of this made it very hard to keep my mouth shut.

Ironically, I was stood (sorry - sitting) just 10 yards from the away support and enjoyed all the chants and banter between the two sets of supporters.

Depending on the score and the mood, the West Ham fans usually replied to the United chants with some witty retort, hurled some abuse or just stood in silence.

Interestingly, the chant that provoked by far the biggest reaction was when United chanted ‘Argentina, Argentina’ at the England (sorry - West Ham) supporters.