Originally, I was going to post about my visit last week to the Microsoft campus in Redmond on a training course. The technical workshop was excellent: there were some great presentations and interesting speakers; we covered a lot of material in 3 days; there was a refreshing lack of marketing fluff; there was a lot of hand-ons practical exercises; I learned a lot; I met some interesting people and our hosts at Microsoft were very friendly and hospitable.

Then I was going to blog about how I was expecting the Microsoft offices to be some fancy, modern architecture with lots of smoked glass, stainless steel and Japanese water features involved. What I actually got was some sprawling 70’s style University campus with lots of anonymous, brown and grey 2 storey buildings.

Finally I was going to make some amusing comments about people working for Microsoft who have job titles of ‘Windows Technical Evangelist’ and actually work in groups called ‘Windows Evangelism’ or, even better, ‘Technical Diplomacy’.

But then I stumbled across Robert Scoble’s (the most famous Microsoft Evangelist) recent blog entries about his mother who has recently suffered a stroke. I have never met Robert Scoble, I don’t know Robert Scoble but I feel for him and his family at this time

However, I must admit I feel slightly uncomfortable (voyeuristic) reading Scoble opening his heart and soul out so completely (with photos) on his blog but then again, I guess that’s his choice to post it and my choice to read it.