I was seriously considering selling all my stock options and purchasing a 1GB USB memory stick for an amazing 30 GBP.

Then I thought I would get an account at box.net and upload all the precious files, that my wife sadly lost when my hard disk died a couple of years ago, there instead. This has the advantages that if I ever need to take my memory stick to Seattle to show Auntie Rita, this will be possible, I won’t be able to leave the memory stick in a client’s PC in Eastern Europe and, finally, it will cost me 30 GBP less.

I haven’t used the box.net service much but there is a nice drag’n’drop interface for uploading folders and multiple files and it seems intuitive and quick. There is a free 1GB service available and you pay for additional storage which seems fair enough.

If you are interested in trying out the box.net service, then please, please click HERE! (so I can upgrade to the Deluxe, Premium, Gold 512GB service free of charge) as all the worst Web sites (used to) say.