I am lazy. I buy my gas from British Gas and my electricity from Seeboard. It takes a lot for me to overcome my inertia and change provider to save money.

However, I am interested in Carphone Warehouse’s offer of 8M/bit broadband, unlimited UK landline and international (28 countries including Australia) calls, all for 21 GBP per month.

This is much less than I am currently paying Telewest for an inferior package of telephone and broadband services.

The only downside I can see is that the contract is for 18 months. Obviously a lot depends on the quality of service Carphone Warehouse can provide to this influx of new subscribers but worth keeping an eye on.

PS. Well I was interested but I just entered my phone number and postcode to be told ‘Your telephone number is not on a BT exchange so we can’t offer you TalkTalk’.

So that is why Carphone Warehouse can only offer coverage to 70% of the UK.