I go away to spend a few days sitting on the UK’s gridlocked motorway network and I discover those chaps at WordPress have been making yet more changes.

The Regulus theme has been upgraded to 2.1.1 and now includes bug fixes, support for sidebar widgets, personalised header graphic and lots more besides.

In addition, every single post is now prefixed by ‘Posted by Andy C’. This is completely superfluous in my case and I would dearly like to turn it off. This is my personal blog. Who else is going to be posting to it ?

Also, the categories and ‘Add comment’ now appear at the top of the article rather than the bottom which I also dislike intensely as it adds distracting clutter.

WordPress have also added feed statistics which is a welcome addition although the statistics are not as comprehensive as those provided by FeedBurner so I’ll continue to keep the Feedburner feed alive for now.

Oh - and before you all jump to signup at once - WordPress had an outage over the Easter weekend.