Or, in my case: Hello BMI, Goodbye BA.

Last Monday, my flight to Newcastle was cancelled and the later one was delayed. When I rebooked at Ticket Sales, I asked whether I could make use of the business lounge as a gesture for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

Ticket Sales said that might be possible and to ask at Fast Bag Drop. Fast Bag Drop said that might be possible and to ask in the Business Lounge.

Business Lounge stared at me disdainfully, in complete disbelief (even though I was wearing a suit and carrying a laptop) and said: ‘But, Sir, you do not have a business class ticket so that simply will not be possible’.

When I explained my case again, the lady replied ‘But Sir, if we admitted every delayed passenger into the Business Lounge, there would be (cash from) chaos’. I nearly asked ‘How many delayed passengers have come here today and asked for access to the lounge ?’ but instead I meekly accepted defeat.

Two hours later, when I finally got to the boarding gate. I asked a different lady: ‘Can I quickly ask about the possibility of compensation for the delay ?’

She stared at me disdainfully, in complete disbelief as if I had asked whether this flight was going to Mars. She replied ‘I’m sorry, Sir. Could you repeat that ?’ So I did. She said ‘Who told you that you could enquire about compensation ?’ ‘No-one’ ‘So why are you asking about compensation ?’ ‘Well there was a notice at Fast Bag Drop stating that for delays for over 2 hours, passengers should enquire at the gate about the possibility of compensation’. ‘Oh I see. So why are you asking about compensation ?’ ‘Well my original flight was cancelled and this one has also been delayed so the total delay is now 2 hours and 15 minutes’ ‘Yes, Sir, but this delay is caused by the weather. There is no compensation payable for delays caused by the weather’.

Of course, I knew this but thought it would be worth asking just to see her reaction.