One of the candidates on BBC2’s ‘The Apprentice’ is a ‘management consultant’. He was very keen and virtually begged to be allowed to do the sales pitch on this week’s show.

‘Please, let me do the pitch. This is what I do. I am world class. There is no-one better.’

And then, in his sharp suit and with his short haircut, he opened his stilted, stuttering, unrehearsed, nerve-ridden pitch to various hard nosed businessmen (about a charity calendar for Great Ormond Street Hospital) with the immortal words.

‘Now, please, forgive me if I get a little emotional…’

And all over Britain, the viewing audience cringed with the exception of management consultants everywhere, who exclaimed:

‘Oh my God. This guy is simply appalling. I could do so much better. He’s not even using Powerpoint. And another thing, just look at that tie.’