I have been thinking (yes I do a lot of that) recently about managing my personal calendar more effectively. Ideally, I would like a simple Web based calendar that could also sync to my Palm.

I don’t really like the Yahoo! Calendar that much even though it can sync with Outlook and the Palm. I simply don’t enjoy looking at the Yahoo! calendar. I just think the interface is ugly and there are distracting ads liberally scattered at the top of the screen.

I am following the development of Sunbird with interest but this project is still in development and I think Sunbird only runs locally.

I have an outstanding, low priority ToDo to evaluate Remember The Milk but keep forgetting.

So, I was interested to read Matt Mullenweg speaking in glowing terms about the calendar functionality from 30 Boxes rapidly followed by similar sentiments from Scobleizer.

Mental note. Forego ‘Songs of Praise’ for just one week and remember to sign up at 30 Boxes on Sunday 5 February when it enters public beta.

In fact, add it to your calendar with an SMS alert so you don’t forget.