A couple of messages to the kind person who accidentally took my Palm Vx from the safety of its docking cradle. Clearly, like me, you can resist everything but temptation.

  1. You can also have the mains charger, cradle, spare stylus and a screen protector. I may even have the original box and instructions somewhere. This will help to increase the resale value on eBay. Just look under Brightside, N and give me a call. You will find that I am a very understanding, forgiving type.

  2. Thank you. I had a nagging suspicion for a while that the Palm was just a glorified address book. In fact, I didn’t even notice its absence for a hour or so. Hopefully, my Palm will find more synchronisations and love in his new home.

  3. Thank you. I now have a wealth of commercial and open source software packages to evaluate and high tech gadgets to consider to help fill this gaping void in my life.

  4. Finally, a proposition for you. If you send out Xmas cards to everyone in ‘Personal’ and ‘Family’, signing the cards ‘Happy Christmas. All the best for 2007. Love from Norman & family’ and send them by 2nd class post by 10th December, we shall call it quits and I shall take the matter no further.