The Mayor of Liverpool announced that there would a extraordinary 5 minute silence held across the city tomorrow at 12 noon.

A special religious service will be held at the Anglican Cathedral and the two remaining Beatles will reunite and record a special version of ‘(Please) Let It Be (disallowed)’.

Robbie Fowler will indicate the start and end of the silence by holding up five fingers. This is the number of European Cups that Robbie Fowler has watched Liverpool win on TV.

Guests of honour at the service will be Boris Johnson, Phil Neville and his father, Neville Neville.

Counselling will be available in job centres across Liverpool for those affected by the tragic events at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon.

Elsewhere in Manchester, people will not be bleating, moaning and endlessly complaining about being taunted by Robbie Fowler holding up various numbers of fingers to the away section in their recent 3-1 defeat at the Council House.

If you give it, be prepared to take it.