Tonight’s Money Programme (' ‘The world according To Google’) on BBC2 was about the history, the success and the possible future diversification of the popular search engine, Google.

Now I use Google a lot and to me it is an excellent, fast, free service. I can hardly ever recall clicking on an ad that was presented alongside a search (even if I am actually looking to buy something).

I use Google Groups for searching for technical information as someone, somewhere at sometime has probably encountered the same problem as me and better, someone, somewhere at sometime has probably, kindly, provided the solution.

I don’t particularly care if they track all my searches ever, aggregate them or give them to the UK authorities.

I am quite interested in innovative developments like Google Earth. I have a Google Mail account which I don’t currently use but might do in the near future to replace my spam ridden Yahoo! email account.

I can remember when AltaVista was the most powerful, standard choice for a search engine and they were discussing a flotation. I respect Google, being founded by two students, coming from nowhere? to a position of virtual monopoly, immense power and wealth.

I don’t care if Google staff are all geeks with 5 million dollar houses and rocket lava lamps in the Google colours scattered everywhere.

What I do care about is people continually discussing ‘Google O/S’.

Google have a suite of powerful software applications. Google may have (ambitious plans) for an operating system. Google does have links with other computer companies that develop operating systems (Sun Microsystems).

IBM develop operating systems (AIX). Hewlett-Packard develop operating systems. Microsoft develop operating systems. Linux in all its various flavours is an operating system.

However, the last time I looked, Google does not have an operating system.