You can save lots of time and get even more things done by checking in online for your flight at

You can even change your allocated seat (sometimes) which is useful as BA will always allocate an aisle seat if your preference is window and vice-versa. Version 2.0 of the BA site (June 2006) will even include a brief description of your prospective neighbour in order to help you with this difficult choice.

You can also print out your boarding card on your 12 year old dot matrix printer. This means you can skip the short queue at the BA self service kiosks and immediately proceed to the lengthy queue for the curiously misnamed ‘Fast Bag Drop’.

However, a word of caution to all you GTD’ers. Wait for the printout to fully emerge and carefully check the output before leaving the BA web site. Secondly, always, always click the ‘Click here to print boarding card’ icon to avoid potential embarassment.

Do not be tempted to think that because you work in IT, you know better and it will be far quicker to simply right-click ‘Print This Page’ to save another 2.4 milliseconds in an effort to get things done.

Trust me. I did it and because I don’t know what a ‘frame’ is, I found myself presenting a rather unusual boarding pass at the British Airways desk that simply said:

“Click the ‘Print Boarding Pass’ button (you idiot) to print”