Dear Jeff Bozos

It is 39 years and 7 months since my last confession.

Back in 2001, I opened an Amazon Associates account, placed a link to a wonderful Oracle book I wanted to buy on my personal Web site, clicked through on the link and purchased the book from Amazon (UK). This abuse of the referral program credited my newly opened Amazon Associates account with the princely sum of 1.55 GBP.

I have never claimed the money which has subsequently sat dormant for over 4 years in my Amazon Associates account. This was partly because I was wracked and tormented by feelings of guilt. Even when I tried to forget about my heinous crime, the Quarterly Associates Newsletter email from Amazon kept reminding me of my sin.

Another reason was that the paltry amount was below the minimum required by Amazon before you can actually withdraw the money.

I could have continued to abuse this system more fully to make even more money (maybe even as much as a fiver) when I consider all the purchases I have ever made from my favourite online retailer.

However, now is the time to reveal my secret and take my punishment like a man.

Shamefully yours

Norman Brightside