Dear Cathy & Claire

‘I have just started going out with a boy much older than me…’

No - sorry. I have just started blogging and find myself increasingly worrying about blogging etiquette. For example, I just read an interesting article about Oracle by Jeff Moss and wrote a followup on my blog. I felt my article was too long to be posted as a comment on Jeff’s blog.

So what do I do ? I want to acknowledge Jeff’s original article. Do I post a comment on Jeff’s blog saying ‘Nice article Jeff. This inspired me to write my own followup here’ (with a link to my blog).

Or would that be considered rude and close to spam or trawling for traffic by the blogging community ?

Should my thoughts truly been a lengthy comment on Jeff’s blog ?

Also, people occasionally comment on my blog but don’t leave an email address so I am unable to followup directly with the individual. Again, I don’t think it merits a comment from me on my own blog to say ‘Thanks for popping by. I found your blog on the Palm PDA very useful’.

Alternatively, if I visit their blog and add a comment, it would be totally out of context.

Thanks for any advice